Show Your Processions the Care that’s O.W.E.D. with Climate Controlled Storage Unites

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Show Your Processions the Care that’s O.W.E.D. with Climate Controlled Storage Unites

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When you think about delicate items around your house, what do you think of? Your grandmother’s china? The figurine set your mother lent you? Whatever it is you think of, chances are it isn’t a leather chesterfield sofa or your favorite winter jacket. And while those two items might not be as easily damaged by a fall as a hundred-year-old tea set, they are very vulnerable to a different cause of damage: heat fluctuations.

Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t aware of the risk that is posed to their favorite items by wild temperature changes that occur all over the country between seasons. As a result, many Americans leave their valuable possessions in places where wild temperature shifts are incredibly common, like their garage.

In fact, in 2014 the federal government estimated that one in four Americans, or 25%, with two-car garages don’t use the space to store their cars. Instead, precious items are left there, and many of them are damaged by the wild swing in heat.

But how do you know what items can be stored in the garage and which are better placed in climate control storage units? Just remember to give your possessions the respect they are O.W.E.D.

  • O: O stand for Old. Items like antiques or heirlooms are more likely to experience damage if exposed to wide swings in temperature, and mildew can occur if stored in the basement.
  • W: W is for Woodworking. Wood is a material that is greatly susceptible to heat and humidity-related damage. That’s because this organic material contracts and swells depending on the temperature. There is also the risk of water damage from too much moisture.
  • E: E is for Expensive. Expensive items are not necessarily synonymous with being delicate, but care should still be taken in the way that you store them.
  • D:D is for Documents. Never trust your important documents to survive in less-than-ideal conditions. Whether it is a birth certificate, a lease, or a tax return, keep your important documents safe with a climate control storage unit.

When you are looking to store your items and can’t decide what should be climate controlled and what can be placed in a regular, cheap storage unit all you have to do is think of the care that is O.W.E.D.

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